imnotsaint (imnotsaint) wrote,

my personal commandments

  • build youself - your mind and opinions
  • say what you think and feel, be sincere
  • lie if it will help you to avoid someone's pain
  • try to not lie ever amd you will feel happier when no need to lie
  • do not use people or they'll use you too
  • don't wait for love if you don't love yourself yet
  • love man who deserves your love
  • trust new people if you don't know that they shouldn;t be trusted
  • laugh at yourself usually
  • love as your heart has bever been broken but don't forget your head
  • try to become a professional at what you do
  • do the life of those who you love better
  • never forget that everything ends, ant grief will pass, any pain will end
  • never do suicide or heart yourself - always go on living
  • if a good thought has come to you - write it down immediately

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